Below you can find the latest news from 740 (Whitby) Squadron.

Cadet Warrant Officer

Cadet Flight Sergeant Swales recently took part in a Wing board with the Wing Commander at the Driffield Cadet Training Centre. The interview was accessing his suitability for the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer in the Air Training Corps.

Cadet Warrant Officer’s the highest rank a Cadet can receive in the Air Training Corps. For a Cadet to receive this rank a recommendation must be submitted from the Officer Commanding for the Cadet’s squadron. To receive a recommendation for this, rank a Cadet must have worked up to the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant as a Staff Cadet (over 18 years old), therefore having similar responsibilities of a member of staff.

Finally, after a lot of hard work, FS Swales passed his interview and received the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. The Cadet and Staff of 740 (Whitby) Squadron would like to personally thank him for the many years of hard work given to the Squadron.

March 21st 2019

Squadron Award Evening 2018


The Squadron recently hosted their annual Dining-in and awards presentation evening at the Whitby Spa Pavilion.

The evening allowed cadets to experience a formal black-tie dinner, whilst also providing the staff an opportunity to recognise the success and achievements of our cadets over the past 12 months.

Between courses, some of our cadets gave talks; Cadet Sergeant Richard Beaumont reflected on his entire cadet career, including the experience of being station commander cadet of RAF Fylingdales. Cadet Sergeant Charlotte Wharrick shared how she has benefited from the Duke of Award scheme, including what it meant to receive her gold award in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.


Award Presentation:

Most Improved Cadet: Cdt Witney

Best Junior Cadet: Cdt Brown

Best Cadet: Cdt Marsay

Best NCO: FS Swales

Attendance: Cdt Newton

Best Turnout on Parade: Cdt Roper

Community Commitment: Cpl Nicholls

Achievement: Sgt Beaumont R

Shooting: Cdt Beaumont

Radio: Cdt Maud

Music: Cdt Welford

Adventure Training: Sgt Wharrick

Sports: Cpl Wright

Academic Achievement: Cdt Balcers


Promotion of Corporal: Cdt Welford

Level 2 BTEC in Teamwork & Personal Development: Sgt Beaumont


The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all those in attendance and was concluded with a royal toast by Cadet Moon, followed by a disco.

January 17th 2019

Remembrance Day 2018

36 members of the squadron turned out last weekend to pay their respects as we remember the 100th anniversary since the signing of the Armistice.


The cadets and staff of 740 (Whitby) Squadron took part in the commemorations through a variety of ways, including reading poems/verses, blowing of a whistle to symbolise the moment troops went over the top; and laying a wreath on behalf of the squadron. During the parade two members of the Squadron represented both the Squadron and the Royal Air Force Association, by flying the standards of both organisations with pride.


But most of all they were present and represented the squadron in well turned out uniforms and wore their poppies with pride.

Well done and Thank you
For your tomorrow, we gave our today.

November 15th 2018

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2018

Cadets and staff of 740 (Whitby) squadron turned out this weekend to assist the Whitby branch of the Royal British Legion with their Poppy selling. Cadets were situated in several locations in the Whitby town center, providing the standard paper poppies to the locals and visitor of Whitby.


In the afternoon, Cpl Harcourt and Cdt Roper carried the Poppy Anchor across the swing bridge to Whitby Lifeboat Station, were the archor was passed on to the lifeboat for the afternoon service, and the anchor would be taken out to sea.

For this years ceremony the anchor was not laid into the Whitby harbor, instead petals from the paper poppies were scattered to the sea, and the anchor was later laid at the Whitby monument.


Staff of 740 (Whitby) squadron would like to thank the Cadets for braving the cold weather, and representing our squadron so well.

Well done and Thank you

November 12th 2018

Whitby Armed Forces Day 2018

On the 30th June, 740 (Whitby) Squadron spent their day at the Whitby Armed Forces Day held at the Dockend. The squadron took part in the event to show their appreciation to the work done by the armed forces and their families.


The cadets and staff of the squadron were available at their recruitment tent for locals and tourists to talk to about the Air Training Corps (ATC) and to provide information for future cadets and staff to join the ATC. 


At 2.30pm, the cadets presented to the locals and tourists their abilities at static drill, which they would be later performing at Wing Training Day at RAF Linton On Ouse.

October 8th 2018

Annual Formal Inspection for 740 (Whitby) Squadron

On the 28th June, the Squadron had their Annual Formal Inspection to look at how well the squadron was being run by its OC and his staff. The inspection was run by  Sqn Ldr Ayre, Deputy OC Wing and his team of Inspecting Officers. They were overall impressed by the squadron, the staff and cadets, as well as the range of opportunities provided to the cadets by the squadron and it’s staff, including the amount of time the staff give up to give the cadet opportunites they have in cadets, including, flying, shooting, DofE, etc.

Sqn Ldr Ayre also presented a Certificate of Meritorious Service to our Civ Com Treasurer, Mr Middleton to recognise his years of service to the squadron’s Civilian committee and dedication to the squadron. A huge thank you from all the squadron for all that you do!

October 8th 2018

New Cadet NCO and Classification Success

On 23rd June, the squadron welcomed two new members to their NCO team.  Cadets Brighton & Wright were promoted to the rank of Corporal by the squadron OC, providing those cadets with new responsibilities.

The squadron also congratulated Cadet Roper on passing his classification exam and he was presented with the Leading cadet badge and certificate.

Well done all.

October 8th 2018

Awards Presented Tonight

Well done to the cadets who received certificates and badges tonight. We presented Classification certificates, St John Youth First Aid certificates, Blue leadership certificates and Blue Pre DofE certificates!

June 28th 2018

Recent Activities at Whitby Squadron


On the 14th June 740 Whitby Squadron provided a range of activities to take part in, including: drill training, Banner drill training, staff Heartstart training and ‘Rocket’ building where the cadets have to make a launch platform and rocket which will be fired on Monday. 


Cadets were also presented with their St John Youth First Aid Certificates and 2 Blue leadership certificates. Well done all.


Photos by Cdt FS Swales

June 28th 2018

Sergeant Wharrick’s Gold Duke of Edinburgh Ceremony

After countless days of hard work, Whitby Squadron’s Sergeant Wharrick
travelled to Buckingham Palace to accept her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s

The event took place on Thursday 17 May, where over 2000 award
holders travelled from all over the country to accept the most prestigious
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and also get the chance to meet Royals and

“It’s not every day that you get to visit Buckingham palace, meet the
Royals and celebrities, but it just shows how rewarding the Duke of
Edinburgh’s Award is.

On the 17th of May I went along to Buckingham Palace to celebrate my
Gold achievements and receive my award. Over 2000 award holders
gathered from across the country and from a wide range of groups, along
with former Whitby Air Cadet Kerryn Atkinson.

The event took place in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, where we had
time to explore and take in the lovely views before gathering in our groups
ready for HRH Princess Royal. Princess Anne came to speak to us about
what we got up to during the award and was surprised to hear about my
expedition in Bavaria.

Many celebrities were around throughout the day and each one presented a
group with their certificates. World champion and Olympic rower Jonathan
Walton presented my award.
What an unforgettable and proud day we had!”

- Sergeant Wharrick 740 Whitby Squadron

It was definitely a successful and proud day for Sergeant Wharrick, the
squadron and the other award holders from around the country. We hope
to see more of our cadets take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards in
the future!

May 28th 2018