The Rank Structure


Cadet Non Commissioned Officers - Cadet NCOs

     Cadet Corporal - Cdt Cpl

     Cadet Sergeant - Cdt Sgt

     Cadet Flight Sergeant - Cdt FS

     Cadet Warrant Officer - CWO

Promotion to the ranks of Corporal to Flight Sergeant are based on merit and leadership potential. There are no exams to be taken as promotion to these ranks is determined by the Commanding Officer of the squadron. 

Promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) is decided by a panel at Wing level. Prospective candidates will be a Flight Sergeant, preferably holding the Instructor Cadet classification and will be required to attend an interview at Wing HQ if recommended by their Squadron OC.

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Adult Non Commissioned Officers - NCOs

     Sergeant - Sgt

     Flight Sergeant - FS

     Warrant Officer - WO

Commissioned Officers

  Pilot Officer - Plt Off

   Flying Officer - Fg Off

   Flight Lieutenant - Flt Lt

   Squadron Leader - Sqn Ldr

   Wing Commander - Wg Cdr